8 Most Useful Tips To Declutter Your Home Now

I was seven when I first came across the word ‘decluttering’. As a family of six living in a tiny house, we quickly realized the need to keep our home junk-free in order to make the best of the limited space that we had. Several years later, when we got ourselves a spacious home, it took us no time to realize that clutter is something that isn’t going to leave us anytime soon. The need to declutter only increased with the size of the house.

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A house, big or small, can start looking like a junkyard if no efforts are made to keep it clutter-free. Decluttering isn’t just another name for ‘clearing the mess’, but it’s also a way of self-care that has the potential to keep you happy and contended in life.

I sometimes go anxious with all the visual clutter that piles up in my room if I delay cleaning it for a few hours. What’s more stressful is that for a space to look totally clean and tidy, it takes more than just a few minutes of work. Little things like cosmetics, books, bills and clothes lying out of place can make a room look completely messy and unorganized. The need to declutter never ends – you have to be clearing the mess on an everyday basis in order to be able to breathe and live your life with intention.

You’ll be surprised by how happy and energized an organized home can make you feel. If you have been thinking to declutter your living space but don’t know where to start, here are some very useful tips that can help you declutter it now: 

1. Just Get Started – Sometimes, just getting started seems like the hardest thing to do. The mess piling up in the house can make you go overwhelmed so much so that you find it easier to just not do anything. In order to get your space back, you need to start somewhere even if the task undertaken is small.

Get to your closet and start rearranging it, or pick up a piece of cloth and start dusting the decor and light fixtures in your living room. If these tasks seem too overwhelming, you can simply take a basket and start putting in things like toys, utensils, papers, books, magazines or anything else lying purposelessly on the floor and tables. Remember that the most important thing is to take that very first step.

2. Seek Help From Someone – You don’t have to clean your space all by yourself if you can seek help from your family or friends. Ask one of your friends to come over for an hour or two to help you declutter the home, or get your kids or spouse to lend you a hand when they can. Ask kids to get through their toys and keep them where they belong. Even a tiny help offered in the cleaning or the organisation department can help ease away a lot of your stress.

3. Make A To-Do List – When your house starts looking like that of hoarders and pack-rats and cleaning it seems to be the only option, make a To-Do list of the tasks that you need to be doing. Take one task at a time and dedicate a time frame to complete it. Your To-Do list can look something like this:

  • Rearrange that pile of papers
  • Get through the bills and put them in their proper place
  • Throw out the lidless containers
  • Dust the ceiling fans and fixtures

Make sure that you follow the list without putting it off for later. Don’t attempt to accomplish all the tasks within a day. Go slow until your home starts looks organized and tidy again.

4. Get Rid Of The Visual Clutter First – When the house looks messy and the idea of decluttering seems too overwhelming, start with cleaning everything that’s visible rather than moving directly to the drawers and cupboards. Pick up the things lying on the floor, declutter the tabletops and make your bed to get rid of the visual clutter before you move forward to decluttering the hidden corners of the house. You’ll feel a lot better simply by getting rid of the visual clutter as it’s the first thing anyone would see when entering the house.

5. Make Quick Decisions – The biggest dilemma that you’re going to come across is whether to keep, sell or donate your things. In order to ease the process, you can take three bins to sort out the stuff lying around in your house. I usually do this while decluttering the old clothes and books and I make it a point not to overthink about what to do with the items. Just pick the things one by one and think about whether you’ll be needing them in the near future. Keep them if the answer is yes and Sell/throw/donate if the answer is No.

6. Find A Home For Every Thing – Keep everything that is lying around in its proper place and get rid of the things that you can’t find a place for. Don’t leave the visual clutter lying around or it’ll make the house look messier than it actually is. Make it a habit to keep things like scissors, clothes, chargers and remotes back into their place after using them and say Goodbye to the things that are simply keeping your house unorganized. You can have these wall hanging baskets to keep the things that are needed several times a day, like the book that you are currently reading, reading glasses, car keys and phone chargers.

7. Organize As You Declutter – When I keep organizing as I declutter, things become easy and quick to accomplish. Every time you start cleaning, don’t just get rid of the clutter but also make sure that you organize the space properly. While decluttering your closet and deciding on what and what not to keep, rearrange the clothes properly to make it easier for you to find them later. You can save a lot of time once you get used to organize as you declutter.

8. Get Rid Of The Duplicates – You might not realize it but your home might just be filled with duplicate items that have gone unused for years now. Look around your house to find and ditch those items that are duplicates. Things like kitchen utensils, toys, clothes and accessories are some of the many things that might have their multiples lying purposelessly in the house.  You can ditch them to free up some space to be able to organize your stuff better.

A decluttered home not only frees up some space to walk around, but also paves way for the time to focus on things that truly matter. A decluttered living space has the power to give you that much needed energy to go about your day happily. There’s a reason that more and more people today are adopting minimalism as a way of life. There’s no rocket science that can make your home look clean and tidy. All you need to do is to find the motivation to throw away every piece of junk sitting in your home to make it livable.

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